ChangeMakers builds girls’* STEM joy, excitement, belonging and agency through culturally-relevant story-based learning. In this program, out of school time (OST) educators work with girls* to deliver engaging STEM through the contributions of BIPOC women who have used STEM as a tool to positively impact systems, communities and their personal lives. Girls* will conclude with a Community Impact Project showcase to present what they have created to resolve a problem in their community.

ChangeMakers offers educator training in hands-on STEM and effective practices with delivering equitable STEM education. Participants will also have access to a peer learning community to share insights and challenges as they build their capacity as equity educators.

ChangeMakers builds girls’* STEM identity and sense of belonging so they persist in their STEM journey.

Program Elements Include:

Techbridge Exercise - Scribble Bots

Curriculum Sample

We design best-in-class OST STEM programming that’s fun, equitable, open-ended, and inquiry based. Lessons are aligned with National Generation Science Standards (NGSS), draw on girls’ interests and lived experiences; and shows girls* that STEM can be used to creatively solve social problems in their communities.

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