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Advocacy & Awareness

With a focus on dismantling systemic and structural barriers, Techbridge Girls’ advocacy efforts center BIPOC girls*’ experiences in making broad-based systems change. We build awareness of and advocate for practices and systems to support girls*’ STEM persistence and amplify the voices of girls* and educators from marginalized communities.

Through our advocacy and awareness efforts, we provide:

Data & Research

We share our evaluation results and our lessons learned to the larger STEM education field and industry with the goal of improving the systems that affect our girls' path to STEM persistence.

Thought Leadership

With 20+ years of experience, our staff and community have influenced the STEM narrative while providing insights on how to ensure STEM education is equitable for all girls.


We believe stories are powerful. We strive to create a culture that inspires and uplifts hidden voices and perspectives, allowing our girls* to see themselves, their potential and legacy in the STEM revolution.

Stay Informed

Be part of our growing community of 70K champions working to ensure STEM education is equitable for every girl.

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