Re-Engineering STEM Education

We annually assess our program results for our girls, educators, and volunteers. Since 2000, we have implemented rigorous evaluation that supports program iteration, an understanding of program impact and system-level insights to transform our field.

Annual Impact

Techbridge Girls SY 2020-21 Highlights:

Learning Hours

TBG programming provides 8,800 Out-of-School-Time (OST) hours

Access & Scale

TBG serves 115 program sites across 28 states

Equity Training

TBG provides 375 hours of STEM equity and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) training

According to a longitudinal study conducted with the Oakland Unified School District, Techbridge Girls are more likely to:

Developing Equity Educators

Techbridge Girls develops equity educators in out-of-school time STEM through our gender responsive and culturally relevant curriculum, equity training, and peer learning communities. As critical mentors along a girl’s STEM pathway, educators have the power to disrupt inequitable systems that have, for too long, marginalized BIPOC youth in STEM.
0 %
increased knowledge of strategies to engage BIPOC girls*
0 %
increased skill in delivering equitable STEM
0 %
of girls* liked or loved TBG programming
According to School Year (SY) 2020-21 Evaluation Results

Techbridge Girls Alumni Story

Inspiring Girls To Change The World Through STEM

Techbridge Girls is engineering a revolution for girls* to change the world through STEM. Listen to Aileen’s inspiring story.

Educator Highlight

Techbridge Girls Inspire Teacher

Listen to a Techbridge Girls educator talk about the benefits of bringing the Inspire program into her school and building her own capacity in STEM equity.

Evaluation Reports

“These girls are excited about learning. Full stop. That is the ultimate success for me. They come to class ready to build and learn and that spills over into school and they are motivated and enthusiastic and it contributes to a classroom dynamic that is amazing.” -TBG Educator

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