Tiyana Jordan

Tiyana Jordan

Communication Manager

Tiyana serves as the Communication Manager for Techbridge Girls. In her role her love for storytelling aligns with her passion to share the stories of our next leaders. With 10 years of experience in strategy writing, her work is to bridge the equity gaps for youth, women, and minorities through giving them a voice of inclusion through messaging.

Her most poignant experience with STEM was watching a newly erected hospital in her hometown of New Orleans select the first black woman physician as the CEO. To show that type of empowerment for girls affirmed the idea that there can be many others to follow, not just stopping at the first.

Prior to her joining Techbridge Girls, Tiyana worked on the leadership team for a city government’s public health sector, the March of Dimes and a public relations manager for an metropolitan school system.

Tiyana holds a B.A, in Communications from Tulane University and pursuing a certificate in Disruptive Strategy from Harvard’s Business School. In her leisure time, she loves to read about business strategies and adding more series to her children’s book collection as an author. Her proudest and most significant title is mom.

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