Kayla Bayens

Kayla Bayens

IT & Operations Manager

Kayla Bayens is a Kentucky-grown advocate for girls in STEM, something that she was lucky enough to be given a chance at experiencing through after-school programming. Being exposed to it changed the trajectory of her options and her career. She is the IT & Operations Manager of Techbirdge Girls and uses her knowledge and experiences to bring the same chance to as many girls as possible.

Kayla is a technology expert who is able to leverage her vast operations and project management experience across multiple industries to bring to life the vision laid out by Techbridge Girls. She is committed to seeing every girl given a chance at a career in STEM, as she once was.

Prior to Techbridge Girls, Kayla worked at MerusCase where she spearheaded streamlining processes and operations, instituting massive savings and investment gains through automation. She also holds experience in the network security, game publishing, archival, and cloud systems industries.

Kayla holds a double Bachelor’s of Science in Robotics & Embedded Systems and Artificial Life from the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, AZ.

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