Allison Pettit

Allison Pettit

Accounting Manager

Allison Pettit is the Accounting Manager at Techbridge Girls. Her life-long love of numbers has culminated in a career that supports and encourages girls’ in their pursuit of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and she has committed herself to the nonprofit community that promotes the joy of math and reading for children via both job and volunteer activities.

Prior to Techbridge Girls, Allison volunteered for Girls, Inc., worked at North Atlantic Books, a nonprofit publisher that promotes publication of books with import to the sciences that would not otherwise be published in the corporate world. She also worked for Title 9 Sports, a company founded on the mission to provide women with active wear when women used to have to purchase men’s clothing and adapt, and Reading Partners who provide support to children who have a need for reading assistance enrolled in Title 1 schools. Allison has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and specialized in the Legal Environment of Business.

She is an avid animal enthusiast and finds the study of plant life fascinating.

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