Engineering Design Process

Leading girls through the Engineering Design Process (brainstorming, designing, testing and redesigning) as part of a hands-on activity teaches them how: to test out different solutions; to learn from their mistakes when an idea does not work the first time around; and to incorporate those lessons learned into the redesign phase.

Being comfortable with failure and picking yourself back up again to try to redesign something is a necessary part of the Engineering Design Process.  If you are interested in reading more on the importance of letting kids experience failure, read this article.

Check out this link for sample hands-on STEM projects you can use to familiarize girls with the Engineering Design Process.


Watch the video here to see how girls experience the Engineering Design Process firsthand. Then, answer the question below.



How do you use the Engineering Design Process at work? While leading a hands-on activity, be sure to share with the girls how you apply the Design Process in your work.

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