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Our Programs

A leader in STEM programming for girls, Techbridge also provides training and resources for role models, teachers, families, school districts and partners to encourage and support girls in science, technology, and engineering.

After-School and Summer Programs

Girls' after-school programs and summer programs are currently offered in Oakland, CA, San Jose, CA, the Greater Seattle Area and Washington D.C.

Girls Go Techbridge

In collaboration with Girl Scout councils, we’ve developed hands-on learning activities for kids. Learn more about Girls Go Techbridge, which includes programs-in-a-box and training.

Role Models

Techbridge offers training and resources and resources for volunteers interested in encouraging girls in science, technology and engineering.


Our family resources, including the science guide and suggestions for girls, help parents support girls in their interest in STEM.

Community Science Partnerships

Techbridge trains after-school and summer staff to lead inquiry-based activities for their students. We also provide curriculum and other resources to support these partnerships.  

Other Partners

Techbridge offers training, curriculum, and consulting to organizations interested in helping their youth engage and advance in science, engineering, and technology. For more information please email us at

Summer Institute

Techbridge offers a Summer Institute for participants interested in learning hands-on strategies for engaging girls in STEM. We also offer curriculum units for purchase.

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